What can we offer to trainers/coaches?

Stage 1,2,3 tennis balls

  • Trainer Pro, an ideal tennis ball for beginners. Due to a slightly softer core, the bounce is lower and slower so the player has more preparation time for the swing.
  • SQ-all court, the best pressureless tennis ball in our assortment. An ITF-approved tennis ball which is available in:
  • 3-ball carton
  • 60 pcs polybag
  • 96 pcs bucket

This tennis ball has the newest technology with a balanced carbon core and HQ elasticated felt that makes this ball probably the best pressureless tennis balls available.

Pressurized tennis balls:


For many years the best tennis ball in the TYGER assortment. The highest quality of rubber and felt is used to make this tennis ball. Comfortable play, steady flight, pressure maintenance…this ball has it all. Usable on all surfaces.

Force 2

A very good tennis ball usable on all surfaces. This tennis ball is the perfect choice on the level of price-quality. Very useful as a training and match play ball.

Tennis traininig aids:

Besides the complete assortment of tennis balls, which are an essential tool for trainers/coaches we also offer a complete and wide range of training aids. We have assembled every training aid you can imagine for improving the level of professionalism in your lessons.

Whether you are looking at stamina, agility, coordination or footwork…we have the perfect tools for it.

Stringing Machines:

How often does a student break their strings during practice and asks you to replace them or asks advice on where to go for a re-string?

Start your own stringing service and you are sure of making extra money. TYGER has been a market leader in stringing machines for more than 20 years throughout the whole of Europe. We offer high quality home stringing machines at an affordable price.