What can we offer tennis players:

Tennis rackets:

  • Our complete assortment offers rackets for all kinds of tennis players. From aluminum 43cm tennis racket for our youngest players to a feather light oversized tennis racket suitable for a senior player. Check our assortment here.

Tennis bags:

  • Tennis Bags suitable for our youngest players through to a huge tournament bag which can hold all your necessary gear for a tournament or competition day.

Tennis balls:

  • From Stage 1-2-3 tennis balls for the beginners/kids through to the high quality, ITF approved pressurized and pressureless tennis balls we have them all in our assortment. As you will expect we only provide tennis balls which will fulfill your highest quality expectations as is with all the other big brands in the tennis market.

Tennis grips:

  • Frequently replacing your tennis grip offers you more comfort and grip and helps prevent injuries.¬†Our assortment contains superb replacement and over grips. You have dry or sweaty hands? Then we have the perfect grip for you.

Stringing Machines:

  • Are you breaking your strings on a frequent basis? And are you annoyed by the long waiting times and high expenses involved in getting your rackets re-strung? Then string yourself! Quick, simple and cheap.TYGER has sold high quality stringing machine throughout Europe. For over 20 years.

Tennis strings:

  • Do not underestimate the importance of a good tennis string. Replacing your string on a frequent basis prevents injuries and gives you more comfort and enjoyment. A new string gives more ball speed, more vibration dampening and a better elasticity.
  • Choose the right string for your playing style and you will gain more enjoyment from the beautiful game that is tennis.