Stringing Machines


We are aware that some competitors deliver aesthetically similar but dramatically inferior quality stringing machines at a lower price. TYGER is convinced that your stringing machine should be precise and produce the same quality of product years later. TYGER string machines include superior electronics, accurate string gripping mechanism and an excellent clamping system. Professional quality for an affordable price. TYGER does not sell cheap stringing machines as the quality of these products does not meet our standards.

Our assortment:


TYGER StringEco 45 bespanmachine Stringing machine StringEco-45
The StringEco-45 is a very user-friendly stringing machine. The best solution for home stringing with ‘ moving arms’ for easy and safe stringing of every tennis racket. Equipped with permanent 2-Actions clamps.


TYGER StringProfi-52 bespanmachine Stringing machine StringProfi 52.
The String Profi-52 is stable, and has a robust machine table whilst being very user-friendly.
New moving arms for quicker, easier and safer clamping for tennis, squash, or badminton rackets.
The refined 2 step clamp lock the machine when the handle is turned a quarter turn and the clips have 5 teeth which grip the surface of the string better than a 3-tooth clamp

Stringing Accessories


Kniptang Wire-shears.

Needle nose pliers

Borgveer tang Needle nose pliers

Flat plier

Platte tang Flat plier. Flat plier to push the strings through the frame.

Grommet Remover 3mm/4mm

Grommet Grinder The Grommet Remover 3mm. With this grommet remover you can easily remove the worn tubing out of the frame. Use the Tennis-4mm for the big holes and the 3mm for the other holes.

String Mover

TYGER String mover The String Mover. Handy tool to push the width string through the frame.

Repairing plier

TYGER Repareertang The Repairing plier.

Awl string/curved

TYGER priem (recht) Awl straight. Handy awl to replace the strings during stringing. Available in a straight and curved version.

Hollow hum

TYGER Holle priem The Hollow hum. Very handy awl to push two strings through a hole.