Tennis Bags

TYGER Tennis Bags

TYGER has a complete range of tennis bags, from backpacks to huge tournament bags. All bags have an affordable price and a superb quality.

TYGER has 2 different collections: MODERN LINE en CLASSIC LINE.


Exel 6R Thermal Bag:

tennis tas TYGER 6 racket termal The Exel 6R Thermal Bag ensures you gain admiration when you enter the tennis court. The tennis bag is ideal for club tennis players because it offers everything you need for a day at the tennis court. Details:
2 big compartments that provide space for up to 6 tennis rackets plus equipment such as clothes or towel.
2 large multipurpose side compartments
2 seperate smaller compartments at the bottom
2 accessory pockets
including shoulder strap and backpack construction. The backpack straps can be fully stored in a compartment at the bottom of the bagColour: red / black / white
Material: 300D Nylon + PU Leather
Dimension: 79 x 35,5 x 29cm

Exel 12R Thermal Bag:

TYGER ML 12r thermal The Exel 12R Thermal Bag is a great tennis bag to carry all the equipment you need for a short trip or a tennis weekend.
2 big compartments that provide space for up to 6 tennis rackets
1 large center compartment offering plenty of space for clothes, towel, water etc or another 6 rackets
2 large multipurpose side compartments
3 seperate smaller compartments at the bottom
2 accessory compartments
including shoulder strap and backpack construction. The backpack straps can securely be kept in the destined compartment at the bottom. 

Exel Backpack:

TYGER ML backpack The Exel Backpack is ideal for a quick trip to the tennis court especially if you travel by bike.
1 compartment offering space for a tennis racket
1 compartment offering space for equipment such as drink bottle, towel etc. including 1 security pocket with zip closure
1 seperate shoe compartment
1 accessory pocket offering space for grips, dampers, etc

Laptop Bag:

TYGER ML Laptopbag Laptop Bag
1 laptop compartment with velcro closure
1 compartment for office equipment
1 closable pocket with zipper
1 adjustable shoulder strap
1 compartment ideal for a mobile telephone
4 pencil compartments

ML Wallet:

ML portemmonaie Modern Line Portemonnaie is a practical purse ideal for a trip to the tennis court.
It has several compartments including one with zip closure to keep your money safe.
Color: red / black


CL 3-Racket Bag:

TYGER CL 3-racketbag Classic Line 3-Racket Bag provides superb value and is a tennis bag that is very user-friendly.
Details: offers space for 1-2 tennis rackets
storage of equipment such as tennis balls, towel etc
including a compartment for a mobile telephone
mesh padded shoulder strap. dimensions: 79 x 35,5 x 10cm, color: black/white.

CL 6-Racket Bag:

TYGER CL 6-racket bag Classic Line 6-Racket Bag. Ideal for those who want plenty of space available. Enough space for multiple tennis rackets and other accessories. You can still have room for tennis clothes, towel and tennis shoes. There is also an extra bag for articles that you can keep separate from your tennis rackets and tennis clothing . In 1 of the 4 compartments on the side of the bag is a mobile phone compartment. Dimensions: 79 x 35.5 x 22cm.

CL Tournament Bag:

TYGER CL Tournament Tournament bag is de grootste tennistas in de Classic Line collectie. Deze tennistas biedt voldoende ruimte voor de competitie speler die graag alles bij de hand heeft. Voldoende ruimte voor meerdere tennisrackets, tenniskleding, tennisballen, schoenen en nog veel meer. Ook ideaal als reistas te gebruiken. Afmetingen: 80*38*35.

CL Backpack:

TYGER CL backpack This backpack from the classic line is ideal to take to the tennis court. Space for 2 tennis rackets, tennis shoes, towel and even clothing. It also lets you easily carry a drink bottle and tennis balls. Dimensions: 47 x 32 x 13cm.

CL Accessory Bag:

TYGER CL accessoires tas The Classic Line Accessory Bag. An ideal bag for small essentials and toiletries. Dimensions: 24 x 16 x 10 cm