Tennis balls

TYGER Tennis balls:

Our tennis balls are well known and established in the Dutch market. They have been used at ATP-tournaments in the Netherlandsand the national league has played with them for many years. Most of our tennis balls are ITF Approved.

Besides high quality pressurized tennis balls for tournaments and competition, TYGER has several training balls and stage 1, 2 and 3. Our tennis balls are the trainer’s best friend. All with an affordable quality!




X Force The X-Force tennis ball is a top pressurised tournament ball from the TYGER assortment.
Details: High durability due to the high quality materials (felt, rubber and glue) used in the production process
Constant playing characteristics. Stable through the air
ITF approved. Great price/performance ratio
The felt is produced in Ireland; its wool imported from New-Zealand
Quantity: 3 tennis balls per can
also available in 4-ball cans.


TYGER Force 2 This pressurized tennis ball is a super tennis ball. The Force 2 tennis ball (successor of the TYGER Force 1) has improved qualities in rebound consistency and a more stable flight. Improvements in the rubber core give the ball real good comfort and playability. Also the felt is of the finest and highest quality. The Force 2 tennis ball will give you total satisfaction, a high-end quality tennis ball for a good price! IITF approved Colour: yellow, package 3- and 4-ball packs.


SQ Allcourt 3 bal

SQ-Allcourt 3-bal The SQ-Allcourt tennis ball is a high quality pressureless tennis ball from the assortment.
As the name suggests, this pressureless tennis ball is suitable for all surfaces. The SQ tennis ball was already a massive seller from the range but has been improved on several levels:
Premium carbon core – Improved durability
Premium rubber – Improved comfort
Balanced core – Improved stability
Elasticated HQ woven felt – Improved comfort
Details: ITF approved, quantity:3, colour: yellow or yellow/gold
packaging: 3-ball box, 60-polybag, 96-bucket

Trainer Pro

Trainer Pro 96 st The Trainer Pro yellow tennis ball is made from a softer rubber, which makes it the perfect ball for beginners and children. Colours: Yellow or Yellow/White, buckets of 96 balls