Tennis Training


Trainers/coaches are well placed when they do not have to worry about their training equipment. Our wide assortment can service you with top quality professional products for a low price. TYGER is the trainer’s best friend.

Ball Basket metal 72 balls:

ballenmand metaal 72 The Ball Basket. Traditional metal ball basket with a capacity of 72 balls. This ball basket is also foldable. Dimensions: L23.5cm x W20.5cm x H30cm

Ballbasket Profi 90:

ballenmand profi90 The Ballbasket Profi 90. Super solid professional ball basket for the demanding trainer. Dimensions: L37.5cm x W22cm x H26cm, total height is 94cm.

Ball Caddy 72:

ball caddy The Ball Caddy 72. This ball caddy is made of durable plastic and has a ball capacity of 72 balls. Dimensions: L34cm x W20.5cm x H27.5cm

Ball Shopper:

Ball shopper The Ball Shopper is a solid tennis ball shopper with heavy duty legs, wheels and diagonal fixing.
Capacity: 325 balls.
Dimensions basket: L59cm x W49cm x H37cm
Total height: 100cm

Ball Trolley 220  balls:

Ball trolley Ball Trolley
capacity: 220 tennis balls
removable basket
dimensions: L54cm x W40cm x H35.5cm
3 adjustable heights: 100cm / 92cm / 85cm

Quick Pick-up:

Quick pick-up The Quick Pick-up. With this Quick Pick-Up your pupils suddenly like gathering tennisballs. This Quick Pick-Up is also very easy to use for counting the balls at the end of lessons. Capacity 15 balls.

Agility ladder 8m

conditieladder This agility ladder (8m) is perfect for training stamina, speed and footwork.

Evolution Ladder 4x4m:

Evolution ladder The Evolution Ladder is a 4-piece agility ladder with a total length of 16m and with 50 cm wide rungs.
The 4 x 4m parts of the ladder can be utilized as a square, a plus shape, a triangle or any other desired formation.
Comes packed in a durable nylon bag
Colours of the quarters: yellow, white, red, blue.

Kids tennis packages:

Stage 3 Trainer package:

Stage 3 pakket trainers The Stage 3 Trainer Package includes products that are ideally suited to improve stamina and ball coordination for children up to 6 years. This package will be delivered including a large bag to store the products.
This entire package consists of:
6 junior rackets 49cm, 6 foam balls, 6 spinballs, 12 Stage-3 balls (diameter 7.5 cm), 2 lagoon sets, 1 target Champ, 1 target Taiger, 4 sets feet pvc (2), 4 sets hands pvc (2), 3 sets arrows (4), 2 upright 1.80cm, 2 hurdles 80cm, 2 sets of clips for upright, 2 bases for upright, 6 cones 30cm, tournament bag..

Stage 3 package:

stage 3 voordeel pakket The Stage 3 tennis package is designed to improve stamina and ball coordination of children up to 6 years of age.
The package will be delivered with a large bag to store and transport the products.
Included in the package are:
6 Junior 21 inch, gr 00 no cover TRT107
Stage 3 red ball 12pc TRT407
1 ML 3-Racket Bag TTT203

Stage 2 package:

Stage 2 voordeelpakket The Stage 2 tennis package is designed to improve stamina and ball coordination of children up to 9 years of age.
The package will be delivered with a large bag to store and transport the products.
Included in the package are:
10 Junior 23 inch, gr 00 no cover TRT108
Stage 2 Softball yellow/orange 36 TBT514
1 CL 6-Racket Bag TTT306

Stage 1 package:

Stage 1 voordeelpakket The Stage 1 tennis package is designed to improve stamina and ball coordination of children up to12 years of age.
The package will be delivered with a large bag to store and transport the products.
Included in the package are:
10 Junior 25 inch, no cover TRT109
Stage 1 Mid-Speed yellow/green 36 TBT464
1 CL 6-Racket Bag TTT306


Conditiepakket Al deze producten zijn ideaal om de conditie en het voetenwerk te verbeteren. Dit voordeelpakket bestaat uit; 1 conditieladder, 4 springtouwen, 12 markeringsschijven, 2 medicijnballen (2kg), 2 Z-ballen zacht en 2 Z-ballen hard.

Obstacle course:

hindernisbaanpakket Obstacle course. This package contains all essential equipment needed to teach kids and juniors and make them move on the tennis courts.
6 cones (for hurdles), two target hoops, 6 marking discs (for hurdles), 7 hurdles, 4 bases, 4 uprights, 8 pvc lines, 4 fastening clips.
Due to the diverse content there are numerous possibilities for set ups.

Rebound tennis wall 2x2m:

trainingswand 2*2m Rebound Tennis Wall
Details: size: 2*2m, adjustable to any desired position
color: green

Rebound wall 2×3 meter:

trainingswasn 2*3m Rebound tennis Wall
easy to install and very sturdy training wall
to any desired position adjustable
size: 2x3m.

Circuit Training 10 exercises:

Circuit training How does Circuit Training work?
the complete set allows 10 athletes to workout at the same time, each on one mark the trainer determines the length of time of the exercise and the break. Traditionally, the time between exercises in circuit training is short, often with rapid movement to the next exercise after the first exercise is finished the athletes all move in the same direction to the next exercise.
Additional Info: diameter: 25cm, material: pvc, the marks come with a nylon bag for easy and comfortable carriage.

Net heightening:

Netverhoging Net heightening. This set consist of bars and ropes to heighten the net. A professional help to teach lobs. Includes a bag to put away and store the ropes

Medicin balls:

Medicine ballen TYGER Medicin ball, available in weights: 1-2-3-5kg.

Coordination balancer:

Balanstrainer Coordination Balancer
perfect training aid for lower back, knees and ankles
height adjustable to improve effort and training results
made of synthetic material

Ball rod:

Balhengel Tennis ball rod. This ball rod is for training to achieve the correct hitting point.

Service trainer:

service trainer The Service Trainer is the ideal tool to teach the student the correct service motion.
Right movement:
the rope remains straight during the entire movement
you are not getting hit by the tennis ball.
Wrong movement:
the rope does not remain straight during the entire movement
as a result you might get hit by the tennis ball

Mini coach Kit incl. marker:

mini coach kit White board with printed tennis court. Perfect to explain tactics and training exercises. Including marker.

Ball Catcher 58 cm grip 00:

Ball vanger Easy to learn children hand/ball coordination.



hockeystick Hockey stick, ideal for warming up and teambuilding exercises. Available in red and blue. Length: 92cm

Hockey ball:

hockeybal a hockey ball. Hockeysticks are available in red (THT844), blue (THT847) and also with a goal (THT885). A very good aid to create great team spirit.

Foldable hockey goals:

hocleygoals The Pop Up Goals is a set of 2 goals.
Details: including net, ideal for teambuilding exercises
packed in a practical bag, measurements of a goal unfold: 120 * 85 * 85cm, hockeysticks are available in red and blue

High Speed rope:

springtouw The Speed Rope. High-speed PVC skipping rope with small handles. Available in three different lengths: 2.43m, 2.74m or 3m.


overball The Over-Ball. Especially for young children, a big soft ball which can be picked-up in one hand. That’s why this ball is so easy to throw and catch. The ball can be blown-up to the required hardness. Diameter 25 cm.

Biebiezzie set:

Biebiezzie set The BieBiezzie set is the ideal training aid to teach kids hand/ eye ball coordination.
The paddles do not have a grip but an opening to put four fingers in. The thumb of the hand holds the paddle firm.
The set includes two paddles and two balls.

Target Taiger:

target Inflatable target.
Inflate the target, fill the seperate bootum with sand.rice and let your kids hit the target during tennis. The target will come back up automatically. height: 80cm.


Markings strip yellow 4pcs:

markeringen 4 lijnen Marking Line. Marking line yellow 4 pieces 35cm x 7.5cm.

Markings corner yellow 4pcs:

markeringshoek Marking Corners are the ideal tool for a tennis trainer.
color: yellow
4 corners per package
diameter: 30cm
material: pvc

Markings round red 4pcs:

ronde targets Targets round are the ideal tool for a tennis trainer.
color: red
4 targets per package
material: pvc
diameter 25cm

Foot pvc:

markeringsvoeten Foot PVC, colors available: yellow, red, bleu (2 pieces). Size: 22cm x 8cm.

Markings disc 5cm high:

markers (tyger print) The marking cone-height 5cm. We deliver them withou the TennisPlanet printing.

Marking disc for hurdle:

markerings voor hindernis The marking disc for hurdle. Height 10 cm.

Marking cone assortment 40 pcs:

40 st assorti hoedjes Assortment 40 colored marking cones (incl stand). Height of the cones: 5 cm.

Targets 4 pcs:

oranje targets Targets round , orange. Set of 4 round targets in orange colored PVC with a diameter of 25cm each. These targets are also available in the Stage 1 (green) and Stage 3 (red) colours.

Cone for hurdle 40cm:

pion 40cm Cone, Details: ideal for hurdle, height: 40cm,
material: plastic

Cone 30cm:

pion 30cm a 30cm cone for hurdle

Hula hoop 70 cm:

hoepel Hula hoop ring
Details: multifunctional trainer aid
diameter 70 cm, color: yellow
ideal trainer aid in combination with stands, (THT841), fixation hooks (THT817) and stability feed (THT834).

Hoolahoop incl net 70 cm:

richthoepel incl net The Hoolahoop incl net 70 cm. This Hoolahoop with a diameter of 70 cm is a perfect trainer aid to hit balls through a target. Fix the Hoolahoop with 2 clips (THT817) on the stands (2 x THT834 + 2 x THT841 or 2 x THT833).

Base for upright:

voet stand for the uprights.

Upright 1.80m:

staander 1.80m Upright 1.80m.

Upright 1m:

1m ligger Upright length 1m, as usable as a joist.

Fixing clip for hoop:

bevestigingsklemmen hoepel/staander Fixing clip for hoop.
Quantity: 2 clips per pack