Accessories and promotion

TYGER has a wide range of accessories/promotional items for players, trainers, stringers, tennisclubs or tournament organisator.

You are looking for tennis related give-aways, prices or promotional items for your tournament participants. TYGER offers a wide assortment.


Vibrakiller 3 pcs:

Vibrakiller demper Vibra killer coloured round dampener. Quantity 3pcs.

Vibratrap 2 pcs

Vibrakiller Long Tennis dampener.
Why choose this dampener? You can fit this betweend the strings creating a superior dampening result. You can securly fix the Vibratrap onto the outside of your strings. It will not come loose, and will absorb all vibrations and excess noise. Quantity: 2 pcs

Vibecontrol 2 pcs:

VIBECONTROL The Vibecontrol need to be fixed under the lowest cross string and inbetween the 6 mains. Probably the best dampener available. due to the unique gradually openings in the dampener, this will get firm in the the string bed. Quantity 2 pcs. Colour: balck and milky white.

Vibe Buster 2 pcs:

vibe Buster The Vibe Buster is made of high grade silicon to reduce vibrations resulting from ball impact. In order to attach the dampener you simply tie a simple knot around the two middle vertical strings just below the bottom horizontal tennis racket string. To remove the dampener, pull the knot repeatedly.
Colour: milky white

TYGER silencer 20 pcs:

trillingsdempers 20st Tennis racket dampener. These dampeners are simple but good, due to the edge in the outer part these dampeners will fix it self between the loweste cross string and in the middle of the main strings. Colour:black, quantity 20.

Logo Marker (red/black/white):

merkstiften logo The Logo Marker is the perfect solution to apply the finishing touch of a logo on your tennis strings. The natural mohair cushion applies the ink in an easy way on the crosses of the strings. Available in black, red, white

Tubing various sizes:

losse tubings div maten Tubings various sizes
colour: black
quantity: 45 in total (3 different sizes x 15 pieces)
sizes: 3.8 x 20mm / 3.4 x 35mm / 3.4 x 15mm

Grip enlarger:

gripvergroter The tennis racket grip enlarger enables you to permanently increase your grip size by 1
How does it work? Remove the main grip from your tennis racket. Pull the grip enlarger over the wooden/plastic grip. Use a hair dryer and warm up the grip enlarger. The rubber will shrink and attach itself perfectly to your grip. Wait a few minutes until the rubber has cooled down. Put the main/over grip back on your racket as normal

H-leadstrips 4 pcs at 3 gr:

Loodstrips H-vormig H-leadstrips 4 pieces at 3 grams-custom adjust the feel of your tennis racket.

Leadstrip 53cm selfadhesive:

loodband 53cm Leadstrip
leadstrip 53cm long x 1 cm wide
self adhesive.
total weight: 46 grams.
allows you to weight and balance your racket like a pro
can easily be cut to size if required.

Textile tape 25mm 10m:

textiel tape Textile tape 25mm, roll length 10m, black

Protection tape PU 30mm/ 6m:

PVC tape PU protection tape easy to fix or remove, softer and more delicate compared to the textile tape. Width 30mm, roll length 6 or 30m, color black.

String savers:

stringsavers String savers can be placed on the crossing of the length and width strings to enhance the durability of your stringing.

Ball clip:

balhouders Ball clip, to easliy carry 1 tennisball. Colour: white.


Tennis Cap:

tennis cap .The Tennis Cap. Protection against the sun.

Ace Team Cap:

Ace team Cap The Ace Team Cap is a kids cap with an adjustable closure at the back.
Material: 100% Polyester
Color: white

Taiger Team Cap:

Taiger Team cap The Taiger Team Cap is a kids cap with an adjustable closure at the back.
Material: 100% Polyester
Color: white

Champ Team Cap:

Champ team Cap The Champ Team Cap is a kids cap with an adjustable closure at the back.
Material: 100% Polyester
Color: white

Bottle Modern Line:

TYGER drink bidon Bottle Modern Line. A modern line bottle. Content 0.7 litr.


TYGER Sleutelhanger Keychain with TYGER print. An essential accessory for every real tennis lover.

Jumbo ball yellow:

JUMBOBAL Jumbo ball yellow.A giant yellow ball tennis ball that is football size. Very popular among tennis players and has consequently become a best selling product!